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Battle at San Tan

Are you guys going to make it to the San Tan show? We were asked this so many times before the Honda vs. Subaru San Tan Car Show. I am trying to remember as to why I was not able to make it last year and I can only think it was work related. As the day approached I was getting very excited about this event. Sure it may not have the flair and volume as other events we have gone to but there is one thing that was special. It was in our backyards. And at the end of the day, we wouldn’t have to catch a flight or drive 300 + miles to sleep in our own beds.

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Mechanical Grip

K20R transmission, check… 0 miles, check… opening up the tranny for some surgery, wait… what? Who would get a brand new transmission and open it up right away. Phil would! In order to maximize mechanical grip, Phil decided to ditch the OEM LSD and fire on a J’s Racing 1.5 way LSD. So I decided to stop by the Robles garage and snap a few photos and get an update on his EG6.


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It never fails, every time I am going somewhere for a couple days all hell breaks loose at work. I show up early to work so I could leave early with enough time to catch my flight with Paul. As time approaches for me to leave, I am asked to make some emergency changes in a project and I throw something together on the fly to  ensure I can get out of there on time… which for some reason never happens.


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Inde Motorsports Ranch 10.1.11

On my way back from Willcox I was talking to Phil and Jesse about tracks in Arizona and how they stack up to the now defunct Phoenix International Raceway (infield track that is). We all agreed that PIR was the track where you could measure up against other drivers. It set the standard for how fast a car and driver could go… at least in Arizona. There are other tracks around the Valley, but PIR seemed to be the benchmark. Well, that could have all changed with the opening of Inde Motorsports Ranch in Willcox, Arizona.

Carlos Espinosa eg6 Garage Honda Motorsports News Paul Green Phil Robles

Phil’s EG | PI

Two Sundays ago I stopped by Phil’s house to see the current state of his track car. As I’m walking to his garage, I see Phil and Jesse bleeding the brakes on Jesse’s car. They both stop for a minute and they bring me up to speed on what they have been doing and I hear the news about the new addition to the Robles’ garage but that is another story. Phil tells me his garage is a mess and he hopes that I can get around. I thought everything looked perfect. Sure, his working area is very small but he knows how to get around and he makes it work. As I set my gear out, Phil and Jesse go back to work as he tells me more about his project.

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The Desert Oasis

Chuckwalla, Chuckwalla, Chuckwalla. That is all I have been hearing for the last couple months. Chuckwalla sounds to me like a nickname or a place where Umpa Lumpas live (yes I know what Chuckwallas are). That’s all I heard from a lot of people wanting to make the trek out west to try the new track. Finally it became a reality, and this last weekend a few of us went to an event hosted by Raceline USA at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway.

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The Gold EG P2

Darkness falls as Jorge hits the streets.

Carlos Espinosa eg6 Features Honda News

The Gold EG

A timeless yet classic piece of machinery is difficult to find these days. Especially one that defines all the key elements of what you’d find in a car build with many rare parts. One that has stood the test of time and has achieved this perfect balance – it has found that sweet spot; the Gold EG.

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FIR.West 8.20.11

Last weekend event at FIR West. The heat was dishing it out, but everybody managed to have a good time.

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Nisei Showoff 2011 P.2

Why not?