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The Gold EG

A timeless yet classic piece of machinery is difficult to find these days. Especially one that defines all the key elements of what you’d find in a car build with many rare parts. One that has stood the test of time and has achieved this perfect balance – it has found that sweet spot; the Gold EG.


It is 9:00 a.m. and we are waiting for Jorge to arrive at the disclosed location – ICBMotorsport. As I pace around trying to come up with a plan for today’s photo shoot. I realize that this Gold EG has appeared in a few magazines and has been seen by thousands of people. Soon I realize that I’m over thinking this when my thoughts are quickly interrupted by a low deep growl.


As I turn around, I see Jorge pull up.  My first thought is, “How is he driving his car like this?” The car is so low. We knew he was bringing a “different” look for this shoot, one that had not been seen before. It was going to be something completely different from what was seen a couple weeks before at Eibach. Yet I wasn’t sure how different it would be.


Sure enough the car looked completely different and in my opinion this combination was the best one I had seen. The Mag blue wheels complimented the Gold paint so seamlessly, you would think he spent days looking at wheels to get the combination just right. The Spoon carbon fiber front lip, wing, and mirrors tie the car together. The overall presentation makes it hard for anyone to look away, making it easy to shoot since no matter what position, or angle it was in, the car looked flawless.


Seeing this car on the road is just amazing, photos don’t do it justice. I tried to do my best yet, though it doesn’t seem to measure up to its magnitude.  As I am trying to take photos of the car in motion, I can’t help myself,  I stop for a few seconds and take a glimpse to admire it rolling. We parked in downtown Tempe to snap a few photos before wrapping it up for the night. People walking by stare and point and some of them make comments about his car, not knowing the magnitude of what they are looking at.


Throughout the day, I learn more about Jorge and his build. For as much publicity and success he has had with his car, Jorge is one of the most genuine and down to earth guys you can talk to. Though quiet at first, once you get him talking, he will talk for hours. This is rather rare in this hobby, since a lot of people give you short answers, and act as though they are above you, or better than you.


With the day coming to an end, I need a ride back to my car. Jorge offers to take me and as I get in his car, I think to myself just how low the car really is. As we are driving I feel like we are going to hit something and rip the front lip off. On more than a few occasions I found myself clenching my hands in fear of just that. I turn around and Jorge is not even fazed by any of it. I suppose that is what will occur when you are not used to riding in a lowered car, it has been a long time.


All in all, we were privileged to have the opportunity to shoot this amazing car. Jorge is a classy, down to earth guy, who still has a few plans for this Gold EG. Watch out, version 5.001 may be his best yet! Thanks to Matt for making this possible and everybody else that helped that day.


We have day 2 of this shoot plus a video interview with Jorge coming soon. Stay tuned!


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