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Mechanical Grip

K20R transmission, check… 0 miles, check… opening up the tranny for some surgery, wait… what? Who would get a brand new transmission and open it up right away. Phil would! In order to maximize mechanical grip, Phil decided to ditch the OEM LSD and fire on a J’s Racing 1.5 way LSD. So I decided to stop by the Robles garage and snap a few photos and get an update on his EG6.


This J’s Racing LSD had quite an adventure before it reached Phil’s hands. The journey began in Japan as normal but made it’s trek to the United States via Las Vegas with none other than Hisaaki Murakami, president of J’s Racing. Matt, Paul and myself met him Tuesday night at XS at the Mackin party. We scheduled a meet for Wednesday morning to make the transaction. We attempted to describe and show photos of Phil and his famous cowboy hat to Hisaaki Murakami to see if he would recognize Phil but he just gave us the “You guys are effin crazy” look. Language barrier for the win.


The LSD survived Matt’s attempt to use it as gambling money. It spent a considerable amount of time and made good friends with a TSA agent at McCarran Airport. Luckily it made it flight, and its final destination safely and in one piece.


Simon was at the Robles garage helping Phil with the surgery. I got to say, Simon knows his stuff, I bet he can do this in his sleep. Just like a doctor would, he opened the subject, neatly acquired what was needed, made the swap and closed the wound. All while being super meticulous. Of course there were some hiccups along the way but improvisations on the fly were called for. The motto at Robles garage is “Where everything is possible” so after a few alterations it was all done and now the transmission is awaiting to be united to the power-plant.


Phil is getting one step closer to finishing his car and we can’t until then. I think the next step is to drop the K in the bay but as we know, I am sure something will come along before that.