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Wekfest LA | Part Three

There were a few times during the day that I felt like calling it quits and just going back to the hotel to get some sleep, time felt as it was going in slow motion. Hauling all my gear did not help. Once the winners were announced, I’ve realized that Wekfest was almost over and to be honest it went by so quick. It was time to pack up and go home.


At the very end, I was waiting for Matt and Anh so we can go and get some coffee/ice cream. Everybody was craving Ice Cream….While waiting, I had the opportunity to take some final shoots w/o any people and with perfect lighting, well almost perfect. The day however was not over. We met up with a a big group to grab some late dinner and some drinks. I got to meet a few other during this time and got to see a different interaction than what I had seen before. Like an extended family. Cars and shows bring people together, but the people behind all of this make these trips so fun and memorable.


Thanks to everybody that made this possible. Thanks Matt for giving me a ride back, I really felt like I was playing Frogger avoiding them J’s boxes.


Huge thanks to Shar for stepping-up (or being pushed in) with the role of copy editor and trying to make some sense of our words.


Until then.