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Wekfest LA | Part Two

Catching the bus boat to get some food was much needed a nice break. I was really in need of some food and I was not the only one. The bus boat took an odd route to the other side of the bay. However, this gave us a chance to see the show from end to end from a different perspective. After lunch, Paul decided to go get some Ice Cream, and though I am not a big fan of dessert, the idea of Ice cream sounded good. Maybe because I was still hungry.
By the time we were heading back, I was done with my dessert and between the long night, heavy food, and the rocking of the boat, I was ready to go to sleep. When we got back, the marine layer was gone, the gates were open and the place was jamming.


As we were leaving to go get food, we noticed the line to get in was forming. However, this was much shorter than we expected. There must of been another entrance because there was no way that the line we saw when we left made this drastic change.


With more people around, i decided to take my sweet time taking photos, plus I didn’t want to burn my self like in the morning. While waiting for my food I saw a few friends posting while at Wekfest on FB. I did not see a few them in the morning but it was nice to somehow come across them during the mayhem of the afternoon. Some photos of the early afternoon.