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P IV | Cage The Animal

A few weeks ago, I was speaking to Paul about Phil’s car and the status of its wiring harness. However, he switched from speaking about the harness and told me that the EG was heading down to Precision Chassis Works so Kent could work on a cage. The news took me by surprise; I was really not expecting this move so late on the build. But then again there was no script on putting the EG back together. A lot has changed along the way and if Phil was ever going to get a cage, this was the perfect timing.


Last week, the EG was dropped at Kent’s shop. I am not sure about how the design was put together but as you can see…the cage turned out amazing. The cage is made out of DOM and according to Kent; the design exceeds NASA specifications for cage design.


Yesterday we drove to Kent’s shop to see the end result. The car has a new feel and a new look; even though this is more apparent inside – the car just has a raw meanness to it! Maybe it is the raw metal, the welds, or even the feel of the door when it closes….this is serious business. “And this is a safety piece.”


As I was taking a photo Phil came over and asked me: “What do you think Carlos?” My response: “I hate you”. Ok, my answer was more along the lines of “Wow”. Kent did an amazing job with the cage and whenever I decide to build a track car, I know where I will be going for a cage.


Though Phil has taken the scenic route from point B to K, he is almost there. In the end, all of these unplanned routes are only going to make him safer and faster.


Next…the animal gets wired!