Carlos Espinosa Features Honda Paul Green

Meet Jasmine

After Mike, Bryan and the guys from JDM Chicago leave, Paul and I decide to go for a walk south of Pier 30. During the walk Paul tells me there is a small chance of the DC2R making an appearance for us to shoot it. During the next few hours, we get constant updates from Anh.

Let me go back a couple weeks before we left for San Francisco. Since we confirmed our attendance to WEFEST IV, the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Anh’s DC2R arose. A talk about getting some footage was in the air but we did not know what would be feasible with the time frame we had. The week before we left, I was trying to get more information from Paul and Matt regarding the location of the photo shoot. Currently, the only set of lights we have need electricity. So we were both hoping to have this disposable for us. I think it was the night before the shoot when we heard the location to meet Anh and Fred for the photo shoot. Pier 30 was the spot and the lights were scratched (no power).


As we are walking around AT&T park, we continue to get news from Anh. Fuel pump is faulty and the DC2R won’t come to life. From the updates we got, Fred and Anh were going at it trying to get this issue fixed. The rear section of the car was basically pulled apart to get to the fuel pump. During the process of pulling things out, the plexiglass broke. A new piece had to be made and as you can see, somehow they were able to pull it off the same day.


While we are getting a quick bite, Paul tells me the DC2R should be ready and Fred and Anh will be heading our way soon. Matt is due to meet us at Pier 30 but instead he meets us outside the restaurant. Matt is with Jonathan and they give us a ride to Pier 30. As we wait, we start taking photos of random things. We soon see a convoy of TSX’s and they all park about 80 yards from us. They are also having a photo shoot, making this the 2nd one of the day but we only observe from far away.


Matt tells me that Anh’s DC2R should look different from the last time we saw it. He tells me this a couple times and how he can’t wait to see what it looks like. In a way, my anticipation grows and now I can’t stop wondering what the car will look like. As we continue to wait, the anticipation just keeps growing and growing. Every time we hear a rumble everybody turns to see if it’s Anh.



While waiting at Pier 30, we decide to kill time and Jonathan tells Matt he has some Badminton racquets. At first I thought he was joking but sure enough he busted out the badminton racquets and some shuttlecocks. So the inaugural ICBRBBPLBCS took place at a frenzied pace. For those who want to get technical that is the ICB-Rules Bay Bridge Parking Lot Badminton Championship Series. It was difficult playing with the wind, we also had no rules, no scoring system and we don’t know who won but it was fun as hell.


A low rumble was heard and everybody turns to the entrance of the gate… they’re here!


Meet Jasmine… Right away I can spot some differences from when I saw it last in L.A. for Nisei. The BYS front bumper and the Regamaster wheels are no longer. An OEM JDM bumper with a Spoon CF lip, J’s Racing CF canards and J’s Racing CF duct are now sitting at the front of the car. The wheel arches are now showing Volk Racing CE28’s, from Volk’s Diamond Black collection. As we start moving backwards, we spot a set of Vision CF mirrors. Keep going and you will find a set of EDM DC2 tail lights and standing high is a J’s Racing GT 3D CF Wing finishing off her outward appearance.


For most people, this would have been more than enough to pull that new-look. But you have to look deeper than just the skin of the car. Anh tells me all the powder coated teal on the car was redone. The hardware holding the bumper gets a new wrinkle finish from FCB (Fred Champman Built). The Cooling Plate and Shifter Cable bracket get the same treatment from FCB. There is a new custom ASC dual Overflow Reservoir Can and Oil Catch Can. Caps and Coil cover got a re-polish. The transmission, head, motor mounts and other misc. parts get new bolts and washers from Hardware909 and DownStar INC. All this right here is super impressive and the thing is that the majority of the people who will see it at WEKFEST IV will have no idea.


The level that Anh and Fred operate at with this car is ridiculous. The attention to the smallest detail is just insane. The car sits like it does because of the hard work, dedication and passion from both Anh and Fred. We got to know Anh and Fred a little, and both have very different personalities. Anh has a lively personality and every time you turn around you see him smile. Fred on the other hand is a little more reserved. I think you can clearly see both personalities on the DC2R. Even though the car sports 17″ wheels, an aggressive wing & canards, everything fits properly and somehow looks subtle.


As I try to process what I’m seeing, I get my gear ready and begin taking photos. The sun is about to go down and I know I won’t have enough time. So I move as quickly as I can. All day I have been taking it easy and waiting and in a matter of minutes I was literally hauling ass like crazy.


During the shoot, Anh had to leave to another commitment to attend so Fred stayed with us to finish the shoot. Darkness fell quick but I think I was able to get some great shots. After the pack up, we make sure Fred doesn’t have any problems with the car. Everybody has had a long day and we can’t wait till it ends.


Paul and I ride with Matt and Jonathan down to Danh Phan’s place. Matt tells us Danh is going to have a BBQ. Little did we know, Danh is not even aware we are coming with Matt so we kind of crash the BBQ. Danh cooks an amazing dinner. He is nice enough to cook a second main dish for me since I am not a fan of fish. At dinner we meet Sung Choi. Sung tells us his NSX is going to be at WEKFEST. Seems everybody we meet is driving with style… After dinner we begin talking about tuning, food, Arizona among other things. Dan later drives Paul and I back downtown to our hotel as Sung quickly disappears on the on ramp in his NSX. He was “trying” to burn gas to meet the limit for the show. We call it an early night to get some rest for WEKFEST.


Anh and Fred have built an iconic car. One for the ages. If there was a Hall of Fame for the tuning world, this car would have reservations in the VIP section. BTW, Jasmine created a parking lot of her own at WEKFEST. The parking lot was created by people who stopped to look and admire. I could hear some comments about the car, some more educated than others but in the end they were all saying the same thing… WOW!


After all, the waiting games were fun. They brought us to meet new people from different places who share the same passion we do. Like a beautiful girl would, Jasmine kept us waiting with an eagerness to see her new looks… In the end, it was well worth it.


We want to thank Anh and Fred for making it happen that day. You guys rock.