Phil’s EG | PI

Phil’s EG | PI

Two Sundays ago I stopped by Phil’s house to see the current state of his track car. As I’m walking to his garage, I see Phil and Jesse bleeding the brakes on Jesse’s car. They both stop for a minute and they bring me up to speed on what they have been doing and I hear the news about the new addition to the Robles’ garage but that is another story. Phil tells me his garage is a mess and he hopes that I can get around. I thought everything looked perfect. Sure, his working area is very small but he knows how to get around and he makes it work. As I set my gear out, Phil and Jesse go back to work as he tells me more about his project.


By now everyone knows Phil Robles and what he has done in his J’s inspired EG. After five years of heavy tracking his EG, winning numerous events, and making a name for himself – the stakes have changed. However, as of lately his EG has left Phil wanting more. He tinkered with multiple options and for a while he did something he normally doesn’t do at the track, he took his time with a decision.


FI, NA, ITB all came to mind but his decision was summed up with one letter – K. Phil has a unique situation; his car for all these years has been winning with him behind the wheel with a basically stock B series of the JDM GSR variety. So the decision was made that it was time for his EG to hit the gym, shed some weight and gain more power. Over the next few months we will be following Phil and his build, born from the Robles’ headquarters with the help of some friends. What does the future hold? Possibly a good amount of good ol’ NA power from a completely re-built car with a hunger to win as many Time Attack and NASA TT events he can. Oh… and have a great time doing it.


His EG currently sits motor-less, stripped to a naked state that would make anyone wonder if Phil has gone mad. Phil is thinking big, big as in a K24 from a TSX, mated to a custom build DC5R transmission with a lighted flywheel, J’s 1.5 way LSD and a 5.06 final drive from a FD2R. As I check the engine, I can’t help to notice how compact the engine is. It almost looks like a SOHC. The motor itself will of course be receiving its fair share of upgrades also. A nice list of parts will be making an appearance, including an R-Crew header; which has beautiful craftsmanship. A combination of parts that will no doubt make this a great build and one that most guys would cringe at the idea of bringing them out to the track and tearing them up in the only way Phil knows how… Because race car!


As we are finishing up, we notice a storm coming up. As the storm gets closer we notice it’s a small haboob and we hurry up to get everything back in the garage before it gets ugly. Surprisingly, everything fits back in his garage. It reminds me of Tetris but then again it works. Phil invites us to stay for a delicious dinner with his family wrapping up a great Sunday.


Man I personally can’t wait to see how this all comes together. Big power from an already fast driver in a previously under-powered car, this is going to be fun!


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