Eibach 2017

Eibach 2017

May 21, 2017
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I called Matt on Friday morning to find out the plans for the day.


“Matt what time do you want me to come over?”


“I don’t know, at what time can you swing by?”


“Probably around 3:00ish, have you packed?”


“Ok that sounds good and no, not yet”


“LOL, ok I will try to swing by earlier”


Friday around 3:00 p.m. came too soon for us but surprisingly, we were able to pack and be ready to hit the road before 4:00 p.m. Destination, Eibach Meet.


Our other group left a few minutes before us but we knew we would eventually catch up to them since they were pulling a trailer, and in CA the speeds are much lower if you are pulling one.


Not sure what made Matt wait until the last minute to decide what to bring and pack but I don’t blame him. I am sort of the same way, wait until the last minute to get ready. For some reason it works better for me.


It is once again that time of the year where hundreds, maybe thousands of Honda fans gather out west for the popular Eibach Meet. This year Auto Club Speedway was chosen as the host venue and we were excited to see how it would be set up.


Our drive out west went without a hiccup and actually felt much faster than other times. Saturday morning came way too soon and the agenda was to drive out to Fünfzehn Auto to meet up with JC and Justin; who drove all the way from Seattle in JC’s NSX.


The plan was to record some exhaust audio files since there were 2 NSX’s at our disposal with SaClam exhaust systems. Both cars had different headers so we were wondering just how differently they were going to sound.


Kenny over at Fünfzehn Auto has done a stellar job with his BMW Service shop. His shop is very simple but well executed. It is such a cool place to even just hang out with friends and great looking cars. I took the opportunity to capture a few frames of the cars Kenny had in his shop.


I was a big fan of this bagged and turbocharged E30. Yes the BBS RS wheels are a little loud but I still couldn’t look away. Something about this car, maybe because this was the same model I learned how to drive a manual car.


Chad Castelo’s incredible NSX.


While things were getting moved around the shop, I took a few shots of his car. East meets west, that is the conversation I overheard as I took photos. It is more common for European cars to have Japanese parts than Japanese cars to have European parts.


SaClam exhaust SpecA.


Post recording shot. You have to love group conversations. By this time we were ready for lunch but it was almost impossible to get everyone to stop talking and go somewhere. The group just seemed to move a few feet, stop talking for 20 minutes, pretend we were leaving, move 30 feet and have another conversation for 33 minutes. And repeat.


Jason Haradon’s Tacoma on TE37 wheels, such a nice and unique color combination. Every time I see his truck I feel like drinking coffee lol.


I can’t ever take a photo without this guy doing something dumb.


After lunch we stopped at a few shops but by then I was done taking photos. I know Paul continued to take photos and maybe he will post some of them with a small write up. Maybe.


Sunday was a cold and wet morning. We knew the rain was coming but we just didn’t know how bad it was going to be.


Once we got to the Speedway, the rain was moderate and we moved quickly to set up the ICB/Mackin booth. Even though we had umbrellas, I am glad we had shelter from the rain. We were wondering whether the rain would scare some of the masses away but I don’t think it had an impact on the attendance. It was incredible to see the amount of people and cars show up despite the weather throwing all of us a curve.


After the set up was sort of completed, I decided to take a quick lap around the vendor area since I was not sure if I was going to be able to do it later in the day.


What can I say about Phil Robles’ EG…?I can tell you he had a quick makeover and fresh paint around the newly-installed Pandem kit. I am sure by now you have seen hundreds of photos around the interwbez and the instagrams. I see his car quite often and even then, I can’t help to just be in awe of how wild and mainly how functional his car is. If you still live under a rock and think this is all for show, you are mistaken. Earlier in April he was throwing it down in Chuckwalla Valley Raceway posting a very fast lap.


And in here, calm like a bomb.


Next to it was Fred Bachi mugen-themed DC5.


The Mugen theme continues inside.


And there is plenty of power to match the looks.


Robert Perez Spoon Sports themed EG.


Luis Jaimes’ Mugen mugen-themed Civic.


JC’s NSX came all the way from the PNW and it brought their lovely weather down south.


Tai Hua’s Red Integra


Loi Hua’s track-built Type R.


Volk TE37, Spoon Sports SW388, and Mugen NR10R. Epic wheels!


The 2017 Honda Civic Type R was on display and I can say this car looks so much better in white than the finish we saw over at SEMA. I am still not all that crazy about those large plastic covers (both front and rear).


I do like these headlights.


I guess the new Civic Si was there as well and I totally missed it. This is the only shot I got. I knew it was there but totally spaced out and forgot about it.


Ryan Basseri from Rywire and his Integra DC2. The attention to detail is beyond ridiculous.


You just don’t see this kind of work in the Sport Compact world.

I got to catch up with Big Mike and his Honda Prelude. He told me that the car hasn’t been to other events after SEMA. So this was good for people to see his build besides on computer monitors and phone screens. I knew he enjoyed the love his car was getting. Our conversation ran short because as you can imagine, he was busy all day long and they still had to set up.


Wide-body NSX over at the Wildwood booth.


Mike Schietroma made it out. I have a feeling he was not happy with the rain.


If I am not mistaken, this NSX received a front fascia lift from when I saw it last year.


J’s Racing wide-body kit S2000


Always good to see Michael Mao’s NSX.


Luis Jaimes’ EK on the other side of the vendor’s booth.


Kristian Wong’s DC2


Tommy La’s EK sporting a JACCS livery.


Next to a DC2 with Spoon Sports livery.


Civic Type R FK2 at the Injen booth


GoTuning was out with their Spoon Sports line up.


It was nice to see the Titan 7 wheels up close and personal.


Business as usual.


Center-mounted position for that perfect weight distribution.


Nice color Civic on Advan RGs


You can never go wrong with Black and Bronze.


AmusePowerhouse R1 Aero Bumper, Spoon Sports Aero mirrors, and Volk CE28s. Nice flowing lines.


Compared to this aggressive wide-body S2000 with a LS Corvette engine.


INGS front bumper and a big supercharger on this S2000.


DPK Chuy’s Integra on Volk CE28s. Wheels are 16×8 +28 and the fitment is on point. Aggressive without the need of wide fenders.


Chuy also brought his Spoon Sports Integra DC2. With aggressive wheel fitments and aggressive body kits, it is easy to forget just how good something “toned-down” looks. This was among my favorite cars.


Dave Chik’s S2000 with Volk CE28.


Jorge was sporting new wheels on his ever-changing Gold EG. I know at the end of last year’s Eibach meet, he was talking about possibly getting bronze wheels. It was a little hard for me to put these 2 colors together and for a minute I thought it would be a little too much but boy was I wrong. I think he is already thinking about a new color for next year. I truly admire how he keeps extending his collection and maintains an extensive amount of looks. Well done Jorge, well done.


I feel eventually Jorge will have to buy a revolving tire/wheel rack.


The blue Spoon Sports calipers add just enough contrast.


The guys at AFHK Parts were next to us and they had Jonathan Caceres’ Civic Touring on Volk TE37s.


TSX CU2 station wagon with Volk CE28s SL and Mugen front lip.


Buddy Club CR-Z


Volk ZE40 party.


This Civic coupe was such a mystery to us. We had no idea where it came from nor who owned it. All we know is that it looked so clean and those Mugen wheels add a nice touch to the overall mystery.


Ahmed made it out with his Integra DC2.


The ICB Motorsport/Mackin booth was happening all day long.


Volk TE37 Saga has subtle differences from the TE37 OG.

Not a bad view from where I was stationed.


Phil told me he was going to go talk to Ryan over at Rywire. This was almost at the end of the day and they were announcing some awards near where Phil was. By the time he came back, he was carrying something with him and it was a trophy for Best Race Car. I don’t think he was expecting this; shoot nobody did, but I don’t think that was the reason he brought his EG.


Either way, congratulations Phil!


Props to JC for bringing down his NSX and Justin for riding on those Mugen MS-R seats.


I really love how different the wheels are from each other (front/rear). The rear is just so aggressive.


I don’t know how this started but JC asked Phil if he could show him his engine bay, this was the aftermath. JC was nowhere to be found lol.


The sun was graceful enough to make a short appearance and I took a few shots before it went away.



I was really not able to go out and see the cars in the spectator area. I went at the very end with CJ but we did a quick walk with no camera just to see what was out there. A big chunk of cars had left already but we saw some good examples out there.


Just like that it was almost time to pack up and get ready to leave. Packing was a mad rush as the rain was approaching. Luckily, it was a light layer unlike the one we experienced that morning.


Eibach 2017 was a great success. It was a lot of planning and it took a lot for that set up to come together. I know we all have so much going on outside of our hobby. We all have agendas and I know for some, it was monumental to get ready for this event. Passion for our hobby was present around me the entire day. They came in all shapes and colors but you could see it. From people driving far away, setting a line-up of cars to be in the booth, last minute changes in their cars and hauling them out west (or driving them), or bringing epic products for people to see and purchase, it was all brought together to make an amazing event. This extends past our group and the people that put this event together. With all the madness we see in our own little worlds, it is so much fun to catch up, meet new people, and come together with the shared passion. Thanks to everyone who came by and said hi.


So Auto Club Speedway worked out soo good. I think the venue has better facilities and accommodated vendors and spectators a lot better. More importantly, for us driving back to Arizona, this was much better for us to start driving back home.


Can’t wait for next year!

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