Phil’s EG | PIII Hmmkay

Phil’s EG | PIII Hmmkay

Two Fridays ago I was at ICB helping Matt with some photos. As I was taking a photo I saw Simon pulling in, Paul then drove up followed shortly later by Phil. It seems ICB is the place to be and somehow we crash Matt’s place all the time. We haven’t seen Phil in a while and he gives us an update on his build.


Last time we saw Phil was the first day of 2012. Phil and Jesse were dropping the K24 in his EG. Now drop may not be the proper word here, the engine was more like pushed in and shoehorned inside the bay. Though not the most glamorous of methods, the engine was dragged and the engine bay was lowered to meet the engine. The Robles’ don’t have all the tools out there but this doesn’t stop them to get things done.


The evening was frustrating trying to get everything lined up and bolted down. At the end of the night Phil’s EG had a new engine though. Phil told me the next day he just needed to make some small adjustments that were easier to do during daylight. A game of millimeters.


Since that night, Phil has slowly been putting the EG back together. Though he is almost done, I know the finish line seems a bit far to him and at times I can just tell he just wants to get in the car, turn the car on, and rip some fast laps.


His most current acquisition is Mil-spec harness from RyWire and an a Hondata ECU. Paul and Simon were talking about the harness for a minute like true geeks. Overall, the wiring harness did not disappoint and is next on the list of remaining items to go in the car. The exhaust topic came up, Phil wanted to pick up a J’s Racing exhaust. An exact option does not exist for Phil. After a long discussion on fitment, comparing different models, and the amount of work needed to make it work, he ended up getting the rear section from an EP3.


I show up the next day at Phil’s house to see the fitment on the J’s Racing exhaust. The fitment is spot on and this makes him very happy. Phil points out the new wheel set-up, measuring 15×9 with 275 rubber. Man sized rubber, just flat out crazy. Phil’s EG has a very unique look that you don’t see anywhere. His EG looks mean and pissed off. The new wheel set-up makes the EG look like it’s going to stare you down, walk over, and take your wallet… during daylight. Pure madness. BTW, the wheel fitment is perfect, no crazy camber or stretched tires here….fsho!


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  1. I’m now following Phil’s car, he and I have similar builds with alot of the same parts. He did beat me to going k series, im trying to stay within my yearly $7k car limit. Always next year.

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