Battle at San Tan

Battle at San Tan

Nov 26, 2011

Are you guys going to make it to the San Tan show? We were asked this so many times before the Honda vs. Subaru San Tan Car Show. I am trying to remember as to why I was not able to make it last year and I can only think it was work related. As the day approached I was getting very excited about this event. Sure it may not have the flair and volume as other events we have gone to but there is one thing that was special. It was in our backyards. And at the end of the day, we wouldn’t have to catch a flight or drive 300 + miles to sleep in our own beds.


The day before the show there is a plan to drop off a few cars at Honda. Apparently they wanted to do this to get an early start but now that it’s over, we would’ve been good just showing up Sunday morning since there were a lot of people that showed up late. Matt from ICB Motorsport was going to have 2 display cars and they were both sporting new looks. I got a chance to drive the blue EG to Honda for the overnight storage and finally made it into the projectonethirty photo database.


After a quick meeting with Matt, Phil, Paul, CJ and a few others, we grabbed some dinner and made some type of strategy for the next day. The table had random conversations about track, car set-ups, spin-outs (you know who you are), and washing cars for tomorrow.  After dinner I ended up at Paul’s house as him and CJ got their cars ready for the show as I watched the end of the some college football game.  I went outside to find Paul and CJ going at it getting their cars cleaned and ready. I thought for sure they would give up since it was late but from what I heard, they stayed up pretty late.


Sunday we drive to San Tan Honda and realized that it rained throughout the night and the weather calls for more rain. All that cleaning… we get there and we are pretty much the first ones there. We get the cars out from the overnight storage and we start setting up. I decide to take a few photos of some of the cars that were there before it gets crazy and we help Matt set up his booth. I was surprised at the amount of people that were arriving; some of them drove all the way from Tucson to make the show. We saw Mike with his mint EBP SI, but at the same time we almost couldn’t recognize his car without the blue tape.


Matt made a big debut with his ICB Motorsport tees. He even went nostalgic and decided to show everybody that is still cool to wear your shirt backwards. At least he didn’t stand there totally krossed out. See what I did there.


The show brought a nice collection of cars, some of them, which I had never seen before. Seems that the quality of cars here in AZ is growing and that is such a good thing. Now if only we could drive them around and feel safe about it… then it would be a win-win situation. As the name implies, the event had a Subaru side and they were a couple nice subbies. A black wagon with gold Advan RGs was my favorite. Dyno Comp had a beautiful track prepped STI. The attention to detail and craftsmanship was second to none. I bet this car is a monster on the track.


I realized I didn’t take a lot of photos and I apologize if your car didn’t make it. I decided to call it early and just enjoy the day with the people that were there. I was running on 4 long days of shooting and wanted a break. I think everybody can only hope this would only get better next year. This is one of the only events here in Arizona and it is nice to see the scene growing every year.


At the end of the day two of our group won trophies. CJ took 2nd place in the Modified class and Jorge took 2nd place in the Unlimited class. Funny thing is that one didn’t want to wash his car and the other hasn’t washed his car in over a year… granted it’s garaged. They were both ecstatic to have won as you can see. The end of the day had some issues with 2 cars but nothing that cannot be fixed. It’s horrible when a track car goes to a car show and breaks, i guess it just didn’t want to be there.


We hope to see you again next year…until then. Thanks to San Tan Honda and Subaru and everybody else that made this happen. Big thanks for Matt for everything that day.


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  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to say that I personally enjoy the coverages that you guys post on here. Keep up the good work. One question, “What rear flare fenders does Phil has on his eg?” looks like a custom one-off type of item. Any response is greatly appreciated.


  2. They are J’s racing fender flares made to fit. You get get them from Matt at ICB.

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