Inde Motorsports Ranch 10.1.11

Inde Motorsports Ranch 10.1.11

On my way back from Willcox I was talking to Phil and Jesse about tracks in Arizona and how they stack up to the now defunct Phoenix International Raceway (infield track that is). We all agreed that PIR was the track where you could measure up against other drivers. It set the standard for how fast a car and driver could go… at least in Arizona. There are other tracks around the Valley, but PIR seemed to be the benchmark. Well, that could have all changed with the opening of Inde Motorsports Ranch in Willcox, Arizona.


Last weekend concluded an amazing track weekend at Inde. This was the second event that NASA AZ held there, and my first time going to IMR. I wanted to see how this was going to compare to Phoenix International Raceway and even Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in California. Even though IMR is not in our backyards, the drive out east is so worth it. The track facilities are some of the nicest I have seen, it actually reminds me of a private club. The track has elevation changes, fast corners and very technical sections. It is exactly like what they told me it would be – amazing!


I was only able to experience the track from a passenger’s perspective but even then I had a blast going around the track. The elevations changes around the track add another dimension, that you just can’t find around Phoenix. The weather called for some rain Saturday but it held up until the track went cold. Everybody was worrying about Sunday’s weather as more rain was expected. Luckily the rain missed the track again, except for the wind – the weather was great. Jesse Robles and Phil Robles were sharing duties in the white EG and both set extremely fast times. Due to some technicalities on the EG, Phil had to get Paul Green’s car classed for TTC Sunday. With only 2 previous times driving the car he set a very quick time for the day, placing him in a solid second behind Jesse. Paul didn’t disappoint either, and made some great improvements from his first visit. All in all, all three ran some of their fastest times ever at the track and had a blast doing it.


I’m thinking Inde Motrosport Ranch could become Arizona’s benchmark for both drivers and tracks. I know there are a few tracks that I have not visited yet, but until I do, I think this is the front-runner.


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